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Want to learn more about Green values in action? Click on the following links to learn more about Green Party positions on various issues of state and national concern.

The Green Party calls for expanded protection of our natural resources. We support additional funding for public transportation across Pennsylvania. We oppose the Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources attempt to allow shallow oil and gas leasing on state lands. Read more about our position on gas drilling in Pennsylvania

The Green Party calls for universal single-payer healthcare coverage for all Pennsylvanians. We support HB1660 and SB300 which call for comprehensive healthcare coverage for everyone in PA, unlike Gov. Rendell's proposal which only expands coverage to some children. Read more at

The Green Party supports local, living economies across Pennsylvania. We call for more local buying initiatives and strategic linking of eco-business and economic development. We support a living wage for all Pennsylvanians, which would be significantly more than even the newly raised minimum wage of $6.25 per hour.

War in Iraq
The Green Party calls on Governor Rendell to bring home our National Guard troops immediately. We demand an end to the War in Iraq immediately. Bring our troops home! We hold the Democratic Party equally complicit in the death and destruction in Iraq, particularly because of their refusal to stop funding the war.

Ballot Access
The Green Party believes in fair and equal ballot access for all parties and independent candidates. We support the Voter Choice Act, S252, which would level the playing field for minor party and independent candidates. Learn more by watching this short video.

Please also visit the Issue Briefs available from the Green Party of the United States at

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