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The Green Party of Pennsylvania

The mission of the Green Party of Pennsylvania is to promote Green values throughout Pennsylvania by participation in the political process: electing candidates; enacting legislation; organizing communities; providing viable new political options; supporting the development of county Green Parties; and making government more open, democratic, and participatory for all Pennsylvania citizens.

The organizing principles of the American Greens are the ten key values of:
Grassroots Democracy
Social Justice and Equal Opportunity
Ecological Wisdom
Community-Based Economics and Economic Justice
Feminism and Gender Equity
Respect for Diversity
Personal and Global Responsibility
Future Focus and Sustainability

These core values place us in opposition to the corporate values of the Democrat and Republican parties.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania platform is available here: Green Party of Pennsylvania Platform .

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is a confederation of local organizations. Our values of decentralization and grassroots democracy have encouraged us to avoid a top-down organizational style. Differences among affiliates are many. Projects and priorities depend on the energy and interests of members. New members and their interests are always welcomed.

Registering Green

By law, you can register as a Green Party voter in any county in Pennsylvania. If you are not currently registered to vote, get a voter registration form from your county voter registration office. If the party registration box does not contain a check-box for the Green Party, write in "Green" on the "other" line and make sure your county officials know that you should be recorded as a member of the Green Party.

If you are already registered to vote and you wish to switch parties, you use the usual voter registration form, but in Box A check "change of party."

Greens in Office

Dozens of Greens have been elected to county and municipal office across the country. Mike Feinstein of California has compiled an electoral history of the American Greens, including a list of current officeholders. In Pennsylvania there are several Greens who have been elected to local positions, e.g. Auditor, Supervisor, Mayor, Constable, School Board seats, etc.

National and International Greens

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is a member of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS), the coalition of 33 state Green parties.

Green parties exist around the world and participate in coalition governments in several countries. is an international index of Green Party web sites.

Green Party of Pennsylvania
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