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Iona Conner

Speaker: Iona Conner
Topics: Global Warming/Climate Change
Email Address:
Phone Number: 814-259-3680

Biography: Iona has been an environmental activist for four decades. The birth of her first child 40 years ago catapulted her into the realization that her daily choices had a direct bearing on the health of her son and the well-being of the Earth. She's been an active participant in the movement ever since.
As a nurse, Iona watched people dying prematurely of cancer. As an air pollution inspector in the middle of New Jersey, she was inside factories -- or on their roofs -- writing violations and bringing corporations to court. As an employee of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, she was a one-woman road show carting slides of hazardous waste sites and a car full of non-toxic products to educate her audiences about the ways in which traditional consumer activities help to create toxic dump sites.
As Co-Director of the Grassroots Coalition for Environmental and Economic Justice, Iona travelled throughout the Northeast and Midwest for 15 years with her husband and founder of the organization, John. John's vision is to work with people, especially in churches, to create a more just and loving world. Currently that effort consists in selling non-sweatshop, organic cotton clothing in order to build a market to raise enough cash to start worker-owned cooperatives where workers will control their own destiny, at least in terms of the workplace.
Currently Iona is devoting all of her spare time and energy to the nationwide effort of bringing thousands and eventually millions more people into the movement to urgently and seriously combat climate change.
To further those ends, Iona and her friends publish a monthly newspaper called The Order of the Earth News, Views and Musings. The objectives of the paper are as follows:

Our Goal: To create a hugely successful newspaper that will report the story of people around the world working to protect their land bases, strengthen local communities and achieve a 90% greenhouse gas reduction by 2030.
Our Mission: To inspire and encourage readers to think seriously, act intelligently and be peaceful, compassionate and creative.
The Dream: Humans can co-exist with Nature and, once they do, both will flourish again.

Geographic Availability: Three hours (150 miles) radius from Huntingdon County, Shade Gap, Cromwell Township

Remuneration: $100 (I would need to be reimbursed for travel also if the group is more than an hour away.)

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