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Category: Press Releases

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  Ballot Access Lawsuit  Popular
Description: This is a PDF of the Press Release concerning the Party's involvement in the recent lawsuit filed in Federal Court to revise the ballot access laws which require a inordinately large amount of signatures for third party candidates to have their names placed on the ballot.
Filesize: 39.32 KB
Added on: 14-Jan-2006
Downloads: 789
Category: Press Releases

  Green Party Denounces Speaker Swap  Popular
Description: Press Release in response to the election of Dennis O'Brien to the PA House Speaker position.
Filesize: 92.54 KB
Added on: 03-Jan-2007
Downloads: 738
Category: Press Releases

  Green Party Elects new Steering Committee  Popular
Description: Press Release detailing the new Steering Committee, elected during January 2007 meeting.
Filesize: 60.16 KB
Added on: 16-Jan-2007
Downloads: 554
Category: Press Releases

  Greens Decry Travesty of Justice 
Description: Harrisburg, PA – On June 3, the Steering Committee of the Green Party of Pennsylvania announced that it had raised the necessary funds to press forward with a lawsuit on the state’s controversial ballot access laws. Recently, the 3rd Circuit Court denied a request for a rehearing in Rogers vs. Cortes, a case that began when the Green Party, the Constitution Party, and Ken Krawchuck, the Libertarian’s 2006 Gubernatorial candidate, sued the Pennsylvania Department of State for overly restrictive ballot access laws.
Filesize: 22.95 KB
Added on: 05-Jun-2007
Downloads: 433
Category: Press Releases

  Moving Day  Popular
Description: Moving Day Press Release.
Filesize: 0 Bytes
Added on: 03-May-2005
Downloads: 1332
Category: Press Releases

  Petitions Filed  Popular
Description: Petitions were filed to give our Candidates Ballot Access. Released August 1st, 2006.
Filesize: 40.99 KB
Added on: 31-Jul-2006
Downloads: 707
Category: Press Releases

  Press Release - 2006 Nominations  Popular
Description: Press Release announcing two candidates for 2006.
Filesize: 17.16 KB
Added on: 28-Feb-2006
Downloads: 1245
Category: Press Releases

  Reading Seeks to Host National Meeting  Popular
Description: Pullano For Mayor, the Berks County Green Party, and the Green Party of Pennsylvania announced the submission of their proposal to bring the Green Party Annual National Meeting to the Great City of Reading. The event will be hosted at the Abraham Lincoln Wyndham Convention Center on July 12th through 15th, 2007.
Filesize: 49.00 KB
Added on: 21-Jan-2007
Downloads: 510
Category: Press Releases

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