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  2006 Congress 
Description: Breakdown of congressional races from 2006. Sort by District to find all PA reps (or to simply sort by state). Sort by "spread" to determine the weakest incumbents -- at least in terms of the closeness of their previous election. Columns I through L show votes on various bills related to Iraq War and Cheyney impeachment
Filesize: 121.50 KB
Added on: 12-Nov-2007
Downloads: 354
Category: Candidates

  Applications for Funding from GPPA 
Description: This is the application for candidates who are requesting funding from GPPA.

There are two procedures here:

1) for a quick turnaround of $250 or less, fill out the attached application and submit by August 15. Those apps will be reviewed by the Politics Committee and the Steering Committee within one week.
2) for larger amounts (up to $1,000), fill out the attached application and submit by Sept. 3. Those apps will be reviewed at Sept. 9th State Committee meeting.

You may also submit the GPUS application by Sept. 3 for consideration on Sept. 9th.
If you have questions, contact Tim Reim of the Politics Committee ( or Blyden Potts of the Steering Committee (
Filesize: 26.00 KB
Added on: 01-Aug-2007
Downloads: 369
Category: Candidates

  Candidate Authorization  Popular
Description: Form that can be used to get authorization from your County Green Party (for local races) or State GPPA Committee (for legislative or State races) to run on the Green Party ballot line.
Filesize: 23.00 KB
Added on: 03-Jan-2006
Downloads: 598
Category: Candidates

  Eric Prindle's PA Campaign Primer  Popular
Description: Campaign Primer for Green Party Candidates running in Pennsylvania.
Filesize: 83.00 KB
Added on: 03-Jan-2006
Downloads: 750
Category: Candidates

  PA County Election Boards  Popular
Description: List of Voter Registration and County Election Board contacts for every county in Pennsylvania.
Filesize: 211.00 KB
Added on: 03-Jan-2006
Downloads: 1266
Category: Candidates
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