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Category: Nomination Petitions

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  Nomination Papers - Back 
Description: See the download for the front of the nomination papers for instructions on how to use them properly.
Filesize: 133.53 KB
Added on: 20-Jul-2008
Downloads: 100
Category: Nomination Petitions

  Nomination Papers - Front 
Description: Instructions for nomination papers.

To circulate them, a person needs to be a registered PA voter.


1. Print one or more nomination papers. You’ll need a sheet of legal sized (8.5”x14”) paper for each nomination paper you intend to print. The back needs to be printed “upside down” relative to the front (i.e. if you flip it over top to bottom, the top of the back is directly “below” the bottom of the front).

2. Write in A2 the name of the county in which the people reside who will be signing the nomination paper.

3. Sections B and C are already filled out. No need to do anything.

4. Have registered voters sign in section D. Signers must be registered PA voters who reside in the county written in A2. Each signer must personally sign their own signature (as it appears on their voter registration card), print their name, their house number, street, and municipality (technically this should be their political municipality, but it is usually acceptable if it is their postal address city), and the correct date. Each sheet will hold 45 names, and if you can collect 45 great, but even if you can only collect 10 or even 5, every signature counts and could make the difference between success and failure.

5. After you’ve collected all the signatures you are going to, take the nomination paper to a notary public and in the presence of the notary complete section E, your affidavit, as the Notary instructs. Make sure the Notary stamps the paper with their stamp – “the box” – a rectangle in which they write notarizing information. They should not use the impress, or if they do use the impress they should also do the ink stamp. The impress seal alone is NOT sufficient.

6. After you have your nomination paper(s) notarized, mail them back to the Green Party, PO Box 11962, Harrisburg, PA 17108-1962
Filesize: 191.08 KB
Added on: 20-Jul-2008
Downloads: 135
Category: Nomination Petitions

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