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Novelty Betting Markets

Non sports betting is increasingly becoming popular today. Now most bookmakers are offering competitive odds in all types of novelty bets ranging from award ceremonies to popular TV shows. You can bet on Big brother shows, the Oscars awards, X-factor, politics and many more. You will also get a additional novelty bets on the next James Bond, the next winner for chess cup or who will be the next pope.

That said, below is a detailed guide on the various markets involved in non-sports betting:

Political Betting

This is one of the largest betting markets with many ranges of options. The reason is that politics forms part of our life. We discuss politics every day with different opinions making political betting an ideal opportunity. You can bet on general elections or Senate races in the UK or US. However, most bookmakers in the US only cover presidential general elections held after every four years.

As a player, you have many options to bet on possible winners on every state, popular vote or even ballot bets. There are also other bets especially in the UK with questions whether electoral winners will form alliances to get the ruling majority.

Movie specials

Another huge betting market lies in the realm of TV shows. This has been positively contributed by the rise of many broadcasting corporations. Most of these novelty bets are associated with the big screen for instance who will be the next James Bond. Here, a player is required to choose a possible actor to feature in the next 007 show. This movie show betting covers long term odds meaning they are ever available.

Another popular TV show features the next Doctor. Just like the other betting principle, a player is supposed to nominate a possible actor to feature in the starring role. Besides that, novelty betting offers Reality TV shows such as Dancing on Ice and the Celebrity. As technology keeps advancing, this betting market has also introduced unique series shows, for instance, the Game of Thrones

Awards betting

Non-sports betting also covers all sorts of award markets with the popular one being the Oscars. This is one of the highest awards winning ceremony held after every year in the US. The ceremony seeks to award standing actors and actress or movie producers.

Oscars betting is long-term and players can bet early or a few hours to the start of the ceremony. Additional betting markets such as the best supporting role and pictures are also available. The Grammys awards, on the other hand, cover the music industry meaning there are plenty of options to choose.

Other specials

There are other additional competitions such as the charts of Christmas every year. Here, a punter needs to select the possibilities of a white x-mass or snowfall at different airports in the UK. Snow must fall at the Met office in London for one to win this race. Religious markets are also not left behind with bets who will be the next pope or other religious heads.

The discovery of alien life is also featured with open betting markets available to possible Mars landing among other space exploration missions. Markets on Royal family in the UK also appear regularly either on weddings or Birth. You can bet on the date or venue of the wedding or even the brand of vehicles for the bridal processions.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of novelty bets and they keep adding every day. For sure, non sports betting is one lucrative and entertaining side of the betting market.

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