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Philly Sheriff Candidate Cheri Honkala to be listed on 70's Website

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Posted by hillarya on May 12, 2011 - 07:18 PM

Philadelphia's Committee of Seventy asserts to support ”clean and effective government, fair elections [and] informed citizens.” The Committee also claims to be “fiercely non-partisan.” The Committee of 70, however, does not believe in informing voters about third party candidates before the primary election May 17.

The Committee of Seventy has, however, assured the Cheri Honkala campaign that Cheri will be listed on the website as the Green Party Candidate for Philadelphia Sheriff in May after the primary is over.

Hold the Committee of 70 to their word – visit the Sheriff Candidates section of the website founder HERE [1] to view Cheri Honkala’s profile after the primary in May.

Email the Committee of Seventy at [2] or call them at 215-557-3600 and tell them you would like to see ALL candidates listed as soon as they have filed with Philadelphia’s Board of Elections, so voters have the complete information about their options. Excluding candidates who are not Democrat or Republican further entrenches our corporate funded two-party system, which severely limits the freedom to be informed about and choose viable alternatives.

People interested in supporting Cheri Honaka's campaign can visit [3]

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